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What is crowdfunding?
What is HeavyFinance?
Why invest via HeavyFinance?
What are the risks assumed by investors?
How do HeavyFinance select projects for investment?
Why do I need to link HeavyFinance account with my Paysera account?
How to start investing for individuals?
How do I link my HeavyFinance account with my Paysera account?
How can I create a Paysera account if I do not have one?
Can companies invest with HeavyFinance?
How to start investing for companies?
Who is permitted to invest on the HeavyFinance platform?
Are the earnings (i.e., interest received) from investments on HeavyFinance platform subject to taxation?
When will I get back the invested money and accrued interest?
What will happen if the full amount required for the project is not collected?
How much can I invest?
How can I withdraw money from HeavyFinance?
From what moment will interest be calculated: selection of my investment or confirmation of the entire project?
What measures does HeavyFinance take to ensure loan security?
What does the LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator next to the projects mean?
What happens if the borrower does not repay my investment on time?